How to Buy World War II M1 Garand From The CMP – Ordering Your Rifle

In the previous post, we explained how to assemble our eligibility package for buying M1 Garand rifle the Civilian Marksmanship Program. This time, we’ll look see how to actually order a rifle from this Program. Ordering is not a particularly difficult process. To order your M1 Garand rifle from the CMP, you need to visit their page and there you’ll see the following:

Ordering Information

M1 Garand rifle









Rifles and receivers may only be ordered through mail order. The CMP does not accept telephone, fax, or online orders for firearms. Ammunition, parts and other surplus items may be ordered by phone, fax, or online if CMP has proof of customer eligibility on file. If you have questions on what is required to order from the CMP, please visit our Eligibility Requirements web page.

There is more to see on this page, but for ordering M1 Garand rifle, and any other rifle, mail-order is the only option as the CMP doesn’t accept orders for rifles of any other kind. The primary method of payment is by using the Postal Money Order which is a secure form of payment, purchasable from your local Post Office. This one is commonly used for gun sales via GunBroker or some other gun commerce websites.

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In addition to the Money Order, you’ll need a CMP Order Form. You can fill electronically from your computer, which is attached at the CMP’s website, and gives them all the needed information to run a NICS check on a purchaser. Also, note that the form must be notarized. In a case you don’t have a notary on hand, most banks offer free notary services to their account holders. Once this is complete, along with your copies of your proof of citizenship, CMP club affiliation, date of birth, and proof of marksmanship course, just head to the Post Office to purchase a Money Order. Bundle copies of your eligibility documentation with the filled out order for M1 Garand rifle and the Money Order for the requisite amount, mail it, and your order is completed!

Please note that other forms of payment are also accepted by the CMP, but Money Order is the most hassle-free. It’s up to you how you’ll pay -by credit card or personal check.

The CMP says that the M1 Garand rifle orders take 2-4 weeks to complete. In most cases, it took 19-25 days from sending in the order form to receiving the email that says the rifle was in the mail headed my way. Also, CPM ships rifles via FedEx overnight, so they’ll came sooner for sure!