Graphic Photos: Man Takes .950 JDJ Ricochet to the Ankle

A man who recently attended a machine gun shoot went home with a very unfortunate injury.

According to sources, he was positioned some 200 – 300 yards away from the targets and backstop. While observing the shoot, he suddenly found himself in excruciating pain.

He looked down where the pain was coming from and discovered he’d been hit by a ricochet from a .950 JDJ. The round struck the man in the ankle with such force that it tore straight through his boot and broke his ankle bone.

He will likely be in a cast and crutches for some time after this freak injury, but if he were to have been hit on a more vital part of the body, it could have easily been fatal.

What is a .950 JDJ?

And here’s what it looks like to take one of these huge rounds off the ankle: