The old habits, and rules that former President Obama imposed, regarding Mosques are no longer valid. President Donald Trump reportedly allowed an air strike on a mosque in Mosul, Iraq.

The air strike was described as a major one, wiping out all Iraqi ISIS leaders there. This came at the same time, as the organisation was allegedly experiencing some difficulties.

There was even a list of names, released by the United States Air Force, on which there were all the names of the rest of the leaders who died in the airstrike on Al-Najjar Mosque. According to Bright Stars, these are the names that were on that list :

Abu Khalid (Saudi national).
Sabah al-‘Anzhi (Saudi national).
Abu ‘Azzam (Saudi national).

Abu Hijab (Saudi national).
Abu Siyah (Jordanian national).Abu Taybah (Jordanian national).Abu Abdul-Rahman Al-Ansari (Saudi national, commander of Jund al-Khalifa, ISIS’ elite assault troops).

Conveniently using the poor weather, ISIS militants reportedly stroke back as a means of vengeance, when they attacked residential neighbourhoods of western Mosul just a day after that.

As a source from the military who was there allegedly revealed, there were 9 ISIS suicide bombers who blew themselves up near army positions held mostly by the Iraqi Federal Police and Rapid Response Units.

However, because jihadists were not able to hold the neighbourhoods captive after the assault, the attack was repelled. It looks like the terrorist organisation is quickly falling to pieces, with the majority of their Iraqi checkpoints disappearing out of nowhere in ISIS territory.

Nevertheless, bearing in mind, how former President Obama conducted this business, ISIS militants have evidently become used to utilising hospitals and mosques as grounds of operation.

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