Triggered Shannon Watts Wants To Ban Bolt-Action .22-Caliber Rifle

If you need any proof that liberals freak-out about AR-15s more because they look scary than how they actually function, Shannon Watts just launched a campaign against a terrifying-looking weapon of war. Unfortunately for her and he credibility, it’s actually just a bolt-action .22 caliber rifle. Yes, the founder of the faux grassroots gun control group Moms Demand Action would like to see something that is one step up from a BB gun banned because to her it looks like some kid of assault thingy.

Watts is terribly upset that 18-year-olds can exercise their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms by purchasing a plinker at Sportsman’s Warehouse. Oh the humanity. Look at that thing. It’s frightening. It’s black and tactical-looking. I bet it was designed for the battlefield, not the sporting goods store. Whatever evil person came up with this weapon of mass destruction obviously created something that can kill as many people possible in the fastest possible way.

Or, it’s a bolt-action .22, which was designed to shoot tin cans in one of the slowest ways possible. That is actually a Ruger Precision Rimfire rifle. It is is not any different than this, it just looks scary to liberals because it is black and has a bunch of tactical-looking stuff all over it.

I’ve said this before, if AR-15s were pink and had Hello Kitty stickers all over them, liberals wouldn’t have a problem with them. Well, no more problem than they have with all guns and gun ownership in general. My point is, they wouldn’t single out the AR-15 as being the deadliest weapon ever created by man if it was more cute and less scary-looking. That Shannon Watts is losing her shit over this Ruger bolt-action is proof of that.

Democrats in Congress introduced another gun ban this week and it designates anything an “assault rifle” if it has scary-looking features that have nothing to do with the way a firearm operates. Anything with a pistol-grip, a barrel shroud, or a telescoping stock would be banned under this doomed-to-fail democratic proposal.

If we are going to establish the legality of banning things that look scary, both Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi will be banished to the Island of Misfit Lawmakers. Let’s be honest, looking at the two them is way more terrifying than seeing an accessorized semi-automatic sporting rifle.

Sure, Watts is an idiot for freaking out over a bolt-action .22, but it is also part of the gun-grabbers’ end game. First they come for the “assault rifles,” then they go after the rest of the firearms. They are not interested in “gun safety” they want a complete ban on private gun ownership and they are trying to get there by chipping away at our rights little by little.

Here’s a real tweet from the Demanding Mom: