Dog Left To Die In The Mountains With His Mouth Taped Shut, Rescuers Rush To Save His Face

If you have ever been wronged by another person, then you already know just how challenging it can be to forgive them for it. It is often easier to hold a grudge than it is to forgive and forget. The hurt that we feel can be tough to get over and when we are still in the midst of feeling badly about the events that have taken place, the concept of forgiving the person responsible for your pain can seem far fetched.

You may wish to never speak to them again. You may even want to seek revenge against them, so that they feel the same level of hurt that you once did. However, we can definitely learn a lot from our friends in the animal kingdom. Many of them endure a great deal of abuse from humans and they do not allow these experiences to change their point of view. They do not stop craving love and affection just because one human mistreated them.

The pitbull puppy in this story is a prime example of animals’ willingness to forgive and forget. His name is Blue and when he was found in late 2015, his mouth had been taped shut by a heartless human. Not only that, but his muzzle had also experienced severe damages and in order to save his lips, several surgeries were needed. Just imagine having to go under the knife because of the actions of one evil human.

This dog did not have to imagine. While the experience he was forced to endure may have turned some of us into petty savages who are ready to lash out at the world, Blue is not like the rest of us. He is a special dog who is able to let bygones be bygones. He also puts an end to the stereotypes about pitbulls. Even if they are mistreated, they do not morph into remorseless killing machines as a result.

Once Blue was finally rescued from his awful predicament, he was still the same kind and friendly dog that he was before. As a result of his ability to maintain a forgiving nature, he was given the chance to reside in a well deserved forever home. All’s well that ends well for Blue and he is a shining example of why we should all learn to forgive and forget.