4×4 Combat Vehicle Produced By IMI

This IMI’s combat guard may be the most extreme armored 4X4 ever built, This baby packs 54-inch tires, close to three feet of ground clearance, weighs eight tons and can go just about anywhere, it maybe a great package for a zombie apocalypse scenario! Its incredible off-road capabilities make it unstoppable

The Combat Guard is powered by a 6.5L GM Cobra Diesel a beast of an engine that outputs 300 hp, can propel the truck up to about 95 mph on-road and 75mph off-road.

The Combat Guard features a modular desing, with different cabin configurations and designs available for different missions and use cases For instance, a heavily armored version that sacrifices internal volume, speed and range for survivability in urban environments, and a stripped down version that packs offensive punch for scouting operations over open terrain. Other variants optimized for command and control, peace keeping and border patrol tasks are also developed.

Many remote controlled weapons systems can be installed on the Combat Guard, ranging from heavy machine guns to mortars and automatic grenade launchers, all controlled within the protected confines of the vehicle’s cabin.

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