Hunter Smashes Dog Killer’s Rifle After Tracking Down The GPS Collars

About a week before Christmas Chad Crane was hunting coyotes in Ohio when his trained dogs were shot and killed by another hunter.

Crane found John Barr attempting to remove the GPS tracking collars from his dogs. In a fit of rage, Crane grabbed Barr’s rifle and smashed it to pieces against a tree. As the two men argued, Crane began recording a video, which he later shared on Facebook.

In the video Barr claims to be the victim claiming that he shot the dogs after they entered his property and started barking. According to the GPS tracking data, neither dog ever entered Barr’s property. Their bodies were found in an adjacent plot of land owned by William M. Welch, where Crane had been given permission to hunt.

“Also it appears that the dog shooter, Mr Barr, was hunting without a license, lied to law enforcement, and there is a whole list of illegal activities he has committed along with this shooting incident,” Crane wrote on Facebook after sharing the video below.

While it is legal in the state of Ohio to hunt on your own property without a license, Mr. Barr appears to have been illegally hunting on his neighbor’s land when he shot and killed Crane’s dogs.

The Ohio Sportsman & Sport Dog Association advised Crane to share the video below and encourage viewers to contact the Perry County Prosecutor at 740-342-4582. “Please respectfully call the prosecutor and ask for justice,” Crane asks. “Mr Barr should face maximum punishment.”

WARNING: The video below contains foul language and distressing content that may not be suitable for all audiences.

My son is going to be devastated… These dogs might belong to my cousin but my boy loves them too.. This man better pay! These are trained coyote hunting dogs and this man took it upon himself to shoot not just 1 but 2 this morning.. please share.. Mr. Barr i hope you do some time for this one. Also the blood you see is from the dogs he shot and was caught removing their collars. The dog owner did not assault this man however, he did take his gun from him so he was not shot while retrieving his dead dogs.

Posted by Tara Crane on Wednesday, December 20, 2017