Parents Of NYC Terrorist: ‘The Police Mistreated Our Son, They Will Pay For This

Akayed Ullah, is the main suspect behind the recent suicide bombing attempt at the New York City Port Authority terminal. Ullah was picked up by the police and treated at the Bellevue Hospital.
Anyway, as per Ullah’s family, the police mistreated their son and behaved violently towards him.

“We are very shocked by the incident that happened in NYC, and by the claims being made against an individual from our family.”

“In any case, we are even more shocked by the conduct of law authorization authorities,” stated Cahn, a member of Ullah’s family.

“Akayed has always been a great person and he never wanted anything bad to anyone” stated Cahn.

“I am sure that this is a big mistake made by the authorities. Hopefully they will repair it soon enough. If they don’t however, they will pay for this. I swear.” he added.

In this incident 5 people were injured, but luckily no one died and everyone is expected to recover from their injuries.