Terrorist Fail: Pipe Bomb Explodes Prematurely Taking Out Would-be Subway Bomber [VIDEO]

The news coming out of the Port Authority bus terminal is evolving fast. The bombing, which could have been much worse than it was, only injured four people. And now reports suggest that the bomber, a Bangladeshi man in his 20s, failed to detonate his suicide vest as planned after one of the bombs appeared to explode before he’d reached his target.

The man is in custody. Images of the attack, including video, are beginning to circulate. The explosion happened at 7:20am Monday morning in a tunnel that runs between the Port Authority Bus Terminal and Times Square. The area was packed with commuters.

The Daily Mail has identified the suspect as 27-year-old Akayed Ullah. He was found injured at the scene. Police arrested him and took him to Bellevue Hospital. The man is believed to have been in the states for at least 7 years.

His suicide vest seems improvisational, at best, leading many to speculate that he was working alone and only “inspired” by ISIS. The vest looks to have been made from pipe bombs held on with zip ties.

While some may have suffered injuries in the ensuing panic, and others at the scene reported ear pains and headaches, only three civilians suffered traumatic injuries from the blast, and those are being treated as relatively minor.

“At a morning press conference, current NYPD Commission James O’Neill said that the suspect ‘did make statements’ but that they are not going to comment on them yet,” The Mail writes. Those comments are believed to have been typical to ISIS suicide bombers.

There’s even surveillance video from inside the tunnel.

Because of the nature of the incident, the subway tunnels and surrounding areas were evacuated. The police response was immense. The authorities are celebrating the survival of this attacker, too, becasue now they have someone they may be able to study, to interrogate about the methods of radicalization.