Feinstein: ‘I represent 40 million Californians,’ and they ‘do not want concealed carry’

John Dickerson, host of CBS’s “Face the Nation,” asked Feinstein about the National Rifle Association’s push for Congress to pass a bill allowing national concealed-carry reciprocity.

The legislation would allow people with concealed carry permits in one state to carry their guns legally in other states that allow concealed carry.

Feinstein gave a resounding NO:

“My opinion of that bill is terrible. We want every American to feel comfortable packing a concealed weapon? Around the country? I represent 40 million Californians, and I can say without hesitation, Californians do not want concealed carry,” Feinstein said.

Feinstein said she does not believe concealed carry is protected by the Constitution.


  • Chuck Robey

    I’m a Californian and so are the other 8 members of my family and I can tell you she doesn’t speak for us.. We all want concealed carry without permit as is guaranteed by the constitution

    • Ty Dralle

      Then tell the rest of the population to quit voting that douchebag back into office

      • Travis

        You don’t understand how the vote gets broke up here

  • Jef Billetter

    She does not represent me or my 3 family members

  • watkinsfred

    This part got me good. “Feinstein said she does not believe concealed carry is protected by the Constitution.” Just thinking out loud here. The right to keep and bear arms is protected by the Constitution which does not say one way or the other about the manner in which you keep and bear, or carry, your arms. Only that you have a right to do so. Feinstein just pulls an imaginary rabbit out of a hat and states she does not believe it is constitutional. They do like to measure things against the Constitution when it suits their purpose and then like to bury the Constitution when it don’t.

  • Danny S.

    Someone should ask Feinstein how many concealed carry individuals are involved in illegal gun violence? Please give us some statistics because conceal carry has been around for a very long time.

  • Sickof Liberals

    Feinstein, your a legend in your own mind…time to head out to pasture….you’re so senile you think everyone in CA just loves you!!! You’re delusional! You’re a hypocrite as you feel you’re important and deserve your own CCW, but deny the patriots in CA their rights! So sick of you!

  • Travis

    Constitution protects individual right. It also States we have a right to privacy too. Just those two right they contradicts her

  • DDK H

    She is literally full of it. She lies non stop. And pulls numbers out of thin air. None of us got any say in any of this. She does no speak for any of us good people.

    She speaks for the criminals as they don’t want us armed. That way they know they have easier targets.

  • deylan

    On the one point this Ship Dit is right. The constitution does not cover concealed carry.

    And before the progun people speak:

    1: I am a gun owner and believer in the 2nd amendment.

    2: NO it doesn’t and I will explain why.

    When the 2nd amendment was written. Having a gun was a necessary thing. It brought food to the table. It fought off invaders and hostile people. Every one had to be ready on a minute to take up arms to defend the country. (That’s where the term Minute men comes from by the way)

    The idea that anyone would need permission to carry a gun, concealed or otherwise, was absurd.

    So there is no section covering concealed. In fact the 2nd amendment actually guarantees “””OPEN””” carry. Its right there in the wording.

    “- keep and “””BEAR””” arms.”

    That and this B*tch does NOT represent 40 million people in California. I know this for a FACT.

    Any pro gun person of which there are several million based on the number of registered gun owners who by the way are NOT breaking any laws. Do NOT share her views.
    So Senator:
    Yuck Fou.