ISIS Beheads 5 Russians, so Putin Serves Up Justice Like Obama NEVER Would

The Islamic State has executed five Russian nationals on accusations that they were spying within ISIS-controlled territory.

In response, Vladimir Putin has acted swiftly to show the world’s most brutal terror organization who’s boss.

According to Russian military and intelligence sources, Putin has sent the world’s largest submarine to the Syrian coast.

The Dmitri Donskoy (TK-208), Nato-coded Typhoon, is carrying 20 Bulava intercontinental ballistic missiles and an estimated 200 nuclear warheads.

Putin appears intent on delivering justice to the Islamic scumbags who killed his men… Don’t you wish we could say the same for our own president?

H/T: Conservative Post

  • jerryJ

    Putin= Man

  • Ginger Grey

    I keep hearing how Putin is a communist and not to be idolized in any way.. He’s a tyrant and dictator but when he does the stuff our own prez is too chicken schytt to do, you just can’t help but look at the man with some admiration..

    • miabeach

      Putin is antiglobalization, to liberals everywhere that’s a bigger threat than communism. It’s worse than everything. Trump is antiglobalization, too. Brexit is antiglobalization. Islamists Latin America and china are pro-globalization like Obama. Choose your tyrant.

      • Billy Rich

        Mia, you do not understand the word Moral. Do you?

  • Russell Sperber

    Wait! He sends a sub full of nukes to the coast of his ally? Not sure that demands a bunch of praise. Actually sounds about as stupid as something B-HO would do. A symbolic gesture at best.

  • Bill Busch

    What president? obamma the Daesh loving panty waist traitor?