Toronto: Muslim stabs non-Muslim to death after argument about Islam

A culture of violence that brooks no dissent or disagreement, on pain of death, comes to the West.


“Hate crime murder in Toronto: man stabbed to death after arguing about Islam,” by Ilana Shneider, CIJ News, September 13, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Alb Effe, 28, was stabbed to death near York University on September 13, 2016 by 31 year old Alijan Arif Khan after getting into an argument over religion.

Effe – a musician and architectural technology student – was found without vital signs and rushed to Humber River Hospital where he died a couple of hours later. His death marks Toronto’s 50th homicide this year.

Witnesses told CP24 that the stabbing occurred following an argument over religion.

According to Fatah Sandhu who lives in the area and witnessed the altercation, “Some guy has been trying to say that Muslims are bad. The other guy is trying to say you guys are bad,…And last night for some reason, it just got out of hand.”

“And I heard them still out there at like 11 something and I heard one guy say, ‘Oh no, it’s because you’re Arabic,’ and the other guy was like, ‘No, it was not, it was your people,’” Griffith told CTV News Toronto.

Another neighbour said the argument heated up over the English versus Hebrew pronunciations of the name “Benjamin.”

According to Effe’s LinkedIn profile, he played music for 12 years, competed in martial arts in his younger years and won three bronze medals for Canada. He also wanted to “create peaceful and elegant environments promoting self growth and virtue.”

Khan, who is believed to be a student at York University and who apparently knew Effe personally, is facing second-degree murder.

According to the Liberal Party, “there has been a significant increase in recorded Islamophobic acts committed in 2015 that have included harassment, violent attacks, murders, arson, graffiti, property damage and death threats against Muslims.”…

CIJnews could not find any evidence to support the Liberals’ claim that Canadian Muslims were murdered in 2015 in hate crimes. The Peterborough Mosque fire was investigated by Police as a potential hate crime with no clear evidence or suspects to determine the motive of the arson.